Hy-Rail Inspections in Lubbock, Texas

Hy-Rail Inspections in Lubbock, Texas

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Hy-Rail gear attachments enable vehicles to travel along railways. Texas Diesel Repair LLC can make sure your attachments are safe and secure and allow you to gain access to previously unavailable sites with ease! We are the only company in a 150 mile area to offer Hy-Rail inspection and alignment services. You’ll be able to ride the railways with confidence once your equipment has been examined and certified safe.

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We perform various inspections including:

  • Federal DOT Inspections
  • Mobile Crane Inspections
  • 3 reasons to have your fleet inspected

    Texas Diesel Repair LLC of Lubbock is certified to provide Department of Transportation inspections. Having your fleet vehicles inspected is essential the safety of your employees and the continued success of your business operations. An inspection will:

    1. Identify unsafe conditions before they can lead to trouble
    2. Help you avoid infractions or fines for unsafe equipment
    3. Identify mechanical issues before they require costly repairs

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